Alcohol Anonymous: Meeting Finder

Interactive visualization mapping the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Manhattan.

Data Source: Alcoholics Anonymous of New York webpages (static copies of meeting lists, saved and published specifically for the Parsons course)
Tools: Async / AWS RDS / Cheerio / CSS / EC2 / Express / Handlebars / HTML / JavaScript / Leaflet / Node / PostgreSQL / Web Scraping

This project repurposes the tabular Alcoholics Anonymous schedule for New York into a new map-based interface. The application was developed as a long-term planning tool which enables the user to find the right AA Meeting based on defined geographic parameters. All AA Meeting locations are initially loaded as map markers with the function to filter the map markers by neighbourhood. The data for this project was manually parsed, cleaned and stored in PostgreSQL. This project is no longer live hosted on EC2, however documentation of the code can be found on GitHub.