Express Brainsights

A consumer neuroscience reporting tool.

Data Source: Brainsights
Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign / Microsoft Excel

Express Brainsights provides accessible, neuroscience insights to advertisers and content creators. The objective of this product is to offer Brainsights’ clients the ability to drive both a deeper connection with their audience and accelerate business growth at an accessible price point. 

For this project, I was responsible for end-to-end design delivery. The final visualization had to remain a line chart due to the type of data, however, my goal was to design a new aesthetic of the multi-metric graphs, launch their new metric, Neural Engagement, and understand how their clients would use each feature in the report to drive actionable decision making. I worked closely with the Engineering team to design the final product in an iterative method, which would allow for seamless automation of the data.



Client Testimonial: Kevin Keane, CEO and Founder, Brainsights

“Lulu took our Express Brainsights concept and through a fine attention to detail and a deep understanding of both our customer set, and brand look and feel, created a succinct and beautifully designed package that delighted our customers and prospects. This in turn helped us to grow Brainsights’ customer leads, and enable us to deliver a new product to the market.”