Express Brainsights

A consumer neuroscience reporting tool.

Data Source: Brainsights
Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign / Microsoft Excel

Express Brainsights provides accessible, neuroscience insights to advertisers and content creators. The objective of this product is to offer Brainsights’ clients the ability to drive both a deeper connection with their audience and accelerate business growth at an accessible price point. 

For this project, I was tasked to redesign the visual representation of Brainsights reporting. The final product had to remain a line chart due to the type of data, however, my goal was to create a new aesthetic for the tool.  Brainsights had previously presented all three neuro metrics in a dark colour scheme, all on the same chart and with many overlapping images. For this tool, I simplified the design of the multi-metric chart and launched the design and communication of their new metric, Neural Engagement.