Industry Infographics

Infographics highlighting macro trends in advertising communication for Finance & Retail.

Data Source: Brainsights
Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Microsoft Excel

The objective of these infographics is to understand how advertisers communicate in a specific industry, and what consumers actually respond to. By comparing advertisers’ ‘Share of Time’ to consumers ‘Share of Mind’ Brainsights is able to highlight both the discrepancies and areas of opportunities for marketers.

To create this, I pulled a sample of ads with the associated metadata and consumer brain data from the last year from our database. Based on Tree Map graphs, each element has a hierarchical relationship to one another. The overall shape represents the amount of time the industry spends advertising. Each theme used within the categories advertisements has its own box. The box size represents the Share of Time advertisers use for that given theme. For instance, in the Retail Analysis the largest box, Lightheartedness was found in approximately 90 total minutes of the ads we analyzed. The brightness of colour represents the Share of Mind. The brighter the colour the stronger the consumers resonance is to that theme. Each theme has been mapped across Brainsights’ three key metrics of Attention, Connection and Encoding to highlight overall consumer neural response.