Branding for BFA Thesis Showcase: META 2017.

Design Team: Lulu Tanenbaum, Mandy Chan, Stanley Tsai and Raphael Angoluan

META 2017 is an annual exhibition that showcases the production and curatorial thesis work of the 4th year New Media students from Ryerson University. Each year, META provides a platform for displaying emerging artists’ work that combines contemporary art practice with limitless technological innovation. It also gives New Media students an opportunity to showcase their work in an off-campus gallery setting, for institutional and industry professionals to observe, as they approach their own professional careers.

As the art director for META, my role was to work closely with the design team and across the entire curatorial team to implement the visual design and strategy for META. As META is re-iterated every year, the branding, narrative and design thinking are shaped by that year’s design team. META 2017 brand was built around questioning the idea of what is new media? It was an image-based brand and used hand lettering was a significant component to reflect a juxtaposition between analog and digital technology. All colours, images and design choices were decided upon by reiterating and questioning our understanding of new media.