Politics and the Brain


Politics & the Brain
Brainsights Data & Adobe Illustrator

Brainsights believe that understanding our own biases is an important part of making an informed decision. Prior to the June 2017 Ontario Election, Brainsights deployed its audience brain measurement platform to measure the subconscious brain activity of 30 Ontarians as they watched the final political debate live.

Using electroencephalography (EEG), we are able to pick up on the tiny signals in the brain which drive our decision-making. The technology platform syncs this brain data at the millisecond level to the visual stimuli each viewer is processing. A co-worker and I coded every second of the debate, tagging each moment with which candidate was on screen, who was speaking, and about what topics. Looking at all this data, we pulled key facts to highlight the unconscious biases going into the Ontario Election.

From this, I created infographics to be distributed along social media and placed in the windows of our office in downtown Toronto. Particularly with heavy foot traffic by our offices, our goal of this was to and reach as many people to illuminate the unconscious bias leading up to the election.