The Value of an Ad Environment

The Value of an Ad Environment 
Brainsights Data & Adobe Illustrator
Research Partnership for Oath Canada

Oath Canada partnered with UM and Brainsights to understand the key pillars of digital transparency: advertising adjacency. A study was launched in March 2018 to examine the ways in which the context next to an ad impacts a user’s experience with the ad. Brainsights was the neuro research partner for this study. I led many facets of the project from pre-launch asset creation, data analysis, to the final design of the activation for the Infopresse (Montreal) and IAB MIXX (Toronto) conferences.

The findings have highlighted that ad adjacency in high quality environments have a significant impact on advertising performance. The physical installation of The Value of an Ad Environment Activation was developed for the conferences which guided users through the key research practices and findings of the study. Participants were also able to test out our equipment, take home a one pager and learn about Oath’s media planning tool.

Client Testimonial: Shannon Austin – Sales Data Insights Manager, Oath Canada

“Super impressed by Lulu’s work on the Value of an Ad Environment study we did together. In the pre-launch stage, Lulu saved the project from delays by going above and beyond to prepare all the assets for testing after other design plans fell through. She was pivotal in the data analysis phase of the project so when it came time to discussing final outputs, she was fully up to speed on the data and the stories within it. The cherry on top? She’s incredibly creative and talented when it comes to packing a visual punch with information. We had over 9 million data points to work with and she brilliantly distilled them – while also introducing people to the methodology – to a clean and impactful installation and one -sheeter. Would work with her again in a heartbeat.”