Your Brain on Political Media

MSc thesis project visualizing unconscious response to political advertising & media. 

Data Source: Brainsights
Tools: Adobe XD / CSS / D3 / HTML / JavaScript / Vue
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When it comes to voting we make decisions on more than just facts – emotion, bias and unconscious thought play an important role in one’s decision making process.  But how does advertising influence voters? In order to address this, my thesis, Your Brain on Political Media visualizes American voters’ unconscious response to political advertising & media. It was created in partnership with Brainsights, a neuromarketing consultancy based in Toronto, Canada. 

The project was completed for my graduate thesis in the Masters of Science in Data Visualization program at Parsons School of Design. The data was collected by Brainsights during research studies in Manhattan, New York and Chattanooga Tennessee between February 3-6, 2020. The data analysis and design was executed by myself and I worked with Katherine Mello on the implementation. To view the documentation and written thesis, click here.