What really matters to Torontonians

Infographic about socio-political issues prior to the Toronto municipal election.

Data Source: Brainsights
Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Microsoft Excel

Socio-political issues that matter to Torontonians can spark local debates, on- and off-line but what does the subconscious brain say? Since the subconscious is the part of the brain where decisions are made, Brainsights deployed its audience brain measurement platform to better understand what issues really matter to Toronto voters ahead of the municipal election on October 22, 2018.

Brainsights measured the unconscious brain activity of Toronto voters as they watched a variety of issue-based YouTube videos and news clips. Each moment of each video was tagged based on the issue (the Economy, Urban Development, Affordable Housing, Transit, Homelessness, etc), sub-issue (sustainability, technology, government policy, etc), and tone (emotional, informational), among others.

I executed  the data analysis and created this infographic to focus on socio-political issues that matter to Torontonians. The results were shared on Brainsights blog, social media and the windows of Brainsights downtown Toronto office.